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Dangers of splitting a fragile rentier state: Getting it right in Southern Sudan

"The anticipated January 2011 independence referendum in Southern Sudan with its possibility of inaugurating a new state in Africa has engaged and excited local, regional and international attention in recent time. It is not surprising that most ...

Falling between the Cracks? Prospects for Environmental Litigation Arising from Oil Production in Southern Sudan

"Oil production in Southern Sudan has degraded agricultural lands and caused mass displacement and suffering of local pastoralist and agriculturalist communities. This paper seeks to identify the legal system governing the adjudication of environ...

Thabo Mbeki and the 'Long Talk' to Southern Sudan's Referendum

"The negotiations between the National Congress Party (NCP) of Northern Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) of Southern Sudan over the possible consequences of the referendum scheduled for January 2011 in which Southern Sudan w...

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