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Irregular Migration to South Africa During the First Ten Years of Democracy

"Irregular migration poses a considerable problem for South Africa in migration management, population planning, infrastructure development, resource management, governance, social services, economic development and security. A government can only …

'Inspecting' the SAPS National Inspectorate

"Internal oversight is available within the SAPS in the form of the National Inspectorate. This is a division of the police tasked to conduct inspections and evaluations of police stations and specialist police units as well as investigations of co…

Policing in South Africa in 2007: Key Issues and Developments

"In November 2007 the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) organised a conference on key issues and developments on policing in South Africa,funded by the Open Society Foundation of South Africa and the Hanns Seidel Foundation. An important theme th…

Corruption and the South African Police Service A Review and its Implications

"This paper does not attempt to offer new data on the subject of SAPS corruption, apart from its overview of the new, little known anti-corruption plan. However, there exists no comparable up-to-date synopsis on the subject. Additionally, some dat…

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