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Burundi Missed Opportunities for South African Post-conflict Development and Peacebuilding?

"This policy brief analyses South Africa’s post-conflict development and peacebuilding engagements in Burundi and identifies lessons that could inform the policy and programming development of the envisaged South African Development Partnership Ag...

South Africa and Aid Effectiveness Lessons for SADPA as a Development Partner

"South Africa is an important actor in peacebuilding and post-conflict development and now wishes to deepen its engagement through the establishment of the South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA). However South Africa needs to be awa...

Enhancing South Africa’s Post-Conflict Development Role in the Africa Union

"This paper examines South Africa’s engagement in the AU, both broadly and more specifically in terms of PCRD and peacebuilding. It draws on desktop and field research to make observations about South Africa’s engagements to date. During March 20...

Engaging the Private Sector in Post-Conflict Recovery Perspectives for SADPA

The first of the three topical policy themes that this paper considers, is South Africa’s emerging Development Partnership Agency, whose attributes and origins give it an imperative to build relationships with other development actors. The second ...

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