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The Rise of China's State-led Media Dynasty in Africa

"China is no exception to the global rise of developing media, who are challenging dominant traditional players. China’s state-owned media are increasing their influence in the world as an instrument of its grander soft power engagement. The paper…

South Africa: Optimising the Currency of Soft Power in the International Arena

"A conscious and consistent adherence to the currency of soft power could enable South Africa to push through a national, an African and a more humane global agenda of immense magnitude in the overall international arena. However, effective communic…

Russia's Africa Policy

"Russia’s interest in Africa lies not only in terms of the continent’s natural resources. Indeed, Russia’s own reserves are significant. Developing Russia’s own enormous energy resources, however, would be far more costly than developing the same …

Southern African Anchor State: A Renewed Strategic Commitment to South African Conflict Management as a Central function of Smart Power

This paper considers the potential future role of South Africa as an anchor state in Africa, whose legitimacy and credibility – in spite of domestic constraints – is underwritten by a strategic commitment to maintaining regional peace and security. …

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