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Global Financial Crisis: An Opportunity to Revisit the Neo-Liberal Model of Socio-Economic Development

"The current global economic and financial crisis, provides for yet another opportunity to revisit the neoliberalism paradigm, which has been operational in Sub-Saharan Africa for almost three decades. The performance of this development framework, …

Analytical Brief on Social Sector Budget 2018: ‘A Mirage in the Social Sector budget’

As Zambia continues on its recovery path, Social Sectors spending remain cardinal to providing both increased and good quality services to its increasing population. The level of resources allocated to these sectors through the National Budget is th…

Women's Rights in Islam and Somali Culture

The cultural context and experiences of women in Somaliland provide insight into both specific and universal challenges to the fulfillment of the human rights of all Somali women. For instance, the collapse of the central government eliminated leg…

Explaining Wellbeing and Inequality in Cameroon: A Regression-base Decomposition

This study sets out to estimate the determinants of household economic wellbeing and to evaluate the relative contributions of regressed-income sources in explaining measured inequality. In particular, a regression-based decomposition approach in…

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