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The Constant Quest for Solutions through Dialogue and Consensus in Rwanda: The Mechanisms for Dialogue and Consensus

"Following the devastating Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994, Rwanda has deliberately set out to build a society that is socially cohesive and makes the good life possible for all. It has aimed not just to overcome sectarian divides but for economi…

Which Inequalities Matter for Africa's Sustained Growth and Poverty Reduction? A Macro- Micro Comparative Analysis with Case Studies on Cameroon and South Africa

Africa has been the second-fastest growing region in the world over the past decade. Some countries like Rwanda have done well; Ethiopia has been showing promise. Angola, Tanzania, and Mozambique are growing fast. Ensuring access to and equity of …

HIV/AIDS Sero-Prevalence and Socio-Economic Status: Evidence from Uganda

Although Uganda reported large reductions in HIV/AIDS prevalence during the 1990s, recent evidence suggests that the country’s rate of new HIV infections is on the rise. Motivated by Uganda’s reversal of fortunes regarding HIV/AIDS control, this s…

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