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Supporting Business Opportunities for Rural Women in East and Southern Africa: A case study of Uganda

This study examines the characteristics of rural women doing business in Uganda. It analyses the nature of business operations and structural barriers women face thus hindering them from seizing economic opportunities. It is part of a collaborativ…

Raising the Community voice in the Extractive Sector: Challenges and Future prospects of the Mining Sector in Zimbabwe

"The later part of the year 2013 saw the government of Zimbabwe making lukewarm efforts to address challenges bedeviling the mining sector that civil society groups working in this sector have been highlighting relentlessly for years with very limi…

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the IGAD Region: Impact on the Health and Economy - Volume 1

The COVID crisis has cast its dark shadow in the IGAD region at the worst time as it came on top of problems of the weak or fragile states, lack of capacity, widespread poverty and food insecurity, conflicts, and the desert locust invasion. Many of …

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