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The Promise and Efficacy of the East African Community

This paper outlines the development promise of the EAC. The objective is to showcase–albeit briefly–the EAC’s major achievements and build a case for making these developments well known and appreciated by East African citizens and peoples in order …

Investments in Family Planning will Stimulate Socio-economic Development in Africa

"During the last decade or so research evidence has emerged to demonstrate the invaluable role that family planning (FP) plays in enhancing maternal and child health, improving environmental preservation, reducing poverty, and enhancing broad socio-…

Improving the Relevance of University Training to Labour Market Demands in Africa

"This policy brief aims to inform policymakers, universities and the productive sector in African countries best policy practices and reforms that would strengthen the relationship between universities and the productive sector, while re-echoing t…

The Impact of Large Scale Mining on the Livelihoods of Adjacent Communities : The Case of Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania

The contribution of Geita Gold Mine (GGM) to the livelihoods of local communities in Geita District was assessed in this study. It specifically assessed the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility implementation, determined the extent to w…

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