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Promoting Dialogue on South Africa's Regional Integration Role in Southern Africa

The main focus of the two public dialogues – “South Africa’s Corporate Expansion in Southern Africa”, and “Powerful Trade Unions: South African Drivers of Regional Economic Growth?” – interrogated the political economy of Southern Africa and discu…

China-Africa Trade Developments and Impacts: Case of China-Zambia Relations

This study sought to undertake a critical comparative assessment of the trade (and other underpinning socioeconomic) developments in China, Africa and Zambia, with a view to understanding their impetus as well as their consequences, both positive an…

Développement et/ou Sécurité: Enjeux de la Relation entre l’Union Européenne, le Maghreb et le Sahel / Development and/or Security: Issues of the Relationship between the European Union, the Maghreb and the Sahel

This Policy Brief tackles the link between development and security in the Mediterranean basin, as well as the involvement of countries on both shores in a partnership providing the necessary security for joint socio-economic development. The Sahel …

A Boom for Whom? Mozambique's Natural Gas and the New Development Opportunity

"In the two decades since the end of Mozambique’s civil war the country has depended heavily on international donors to fund its development. Although the economy grew at record rates from the mid-1990s, poverty levels remain above 50%. Mozambique h…

National Investment Policy for Aquaculture Parks in Uganda

"According to the National Development Plan (NDP), fish farming in Uganda presents immense opportunities for socio-economic development, in terms of livelihood, income, and employment. The need for the National Investment Policy for Aquaculture Par…

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