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The Role of the State and Foreign Capital in Agricultural Commercialisation: The Case of Sugarcane Outgrowers in Kilombero district, Tanzania

The main research question is: what effect has privatisation of Kilombero Sugar Company had on its operations and surrounding communities? The paper contributes to the debate on large-scale land acquisition and agricultural commercialisation in sub…

Promoting the Integrated Governance of South Africa's Coastal Zone

"The effective management of the coastal zone is linked directly to the long-term development and wellbeing of coastal populations. Its importance warrants a dedicated management approach to balance its development, use and protection. Integrated…

The Relationship Between Population and Socio-Economic Development

The unprecedented growth of population which is now taking place and which will accelerate in the coming years will be of increasing importance in International relations. This paper gives background to the problem as well as facts and forecasts whi…

The Social Dimensions of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development

"The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) was established in 2001 as the socioeconomic programme for Africa to address the challenges of continued marginalisation of Africa in the global political economy. Its primary objectives are the …

A Boom for Whom? Mozambique's Natural Gas and the New Development Opportunity

"In the two decades since the end of Mozambique’s civil war the country has depended heavily on international donors to fund its development. Although the economy grew at record rates from the mid-1990s, poverty levels remain above 50%. Mozambique h…

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