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An oil giant reforms: The experience of South African firms doing business in Nigeria

"The purpose of the study is to identify some of the pitfalls associated with doing business in a country such as Nigeria, long thought of as one of Africa's most difficult business environments. It also aims to look at the advantages of entry i...

'Every continent needs an America' The experience of South African firms doing business in Mozambique

"Over the last 10 years, Mozambique, sometimes touted as South Africa's tenth province, has emerged as one of the most significant South African investment destinations on the African continent. South Africa is a leading investor in that country ...

Advancing South Africa's Agenda through the 'African Agenda'

"This policy brief seeks to explore the strategic significance for South Africa of pursuing its ‘African Agenda’ through engagement within the affairs of the African continent. It argues that South Africa’s advancement of the ‘African Agenda’ and...

Zanzibar Conflict Resolution and Human Security in the 2005 Elections

"The report contains tangible views and recommendations on how to have free, fair, legitimate and democratic elections in Zanzibar. All these are important and should be taken as key recommendations by the authorities in both the Zanzibar revoluti...

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