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The Impact of Democracy in Botswana: Assessing Political, Social and Economic Developments since the Dawn of Democracy

"Botswana achieved independence from Britain more than 40 years ago and much has changed in Botswana since that time. This paper reports on the state of development in Botswana over the past 10 to 15 years, and looks at whether democracy has led ...

The Impact of Democracy in Zimbabwe: Assessing Political, Social and Economic Developments since the dawn of Democracy

"This paper briefly outlines some of the perceptions of Zimbabweans regarding the various changes that have occurred in the country in the past 10–15 years,particularly where the democratisation process is concerned. The paper seeks to ascertain ...

The Impact of Democracy in Mozambique: Assessing political, social and economic developments since the dawn of democracy

"Does democracy enhance the process of development in Mozambique? This report attempts to answer this question through analysing different types of data. Specifically, it examines how democratic institutions have increased accountability and effic...

Developmental Dividends of Democratisation in Malawi: A country report

"The question that is at the core of this report is: where is Malawi, more than 10 years after that decisive referendum? In trying to address this question, we look at three key issues: household socio-economic changes, social development (includ...

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