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SAIIA Southern Africa Record No 37

The contents of this Record includes background on the Cahora Bassa project as well as statements from Mozambique and South Africa on the project. It also contains messages and proposals on the Namibian problems and a testimony on US policy towards …

Wars of national liberation, the super-powers and the Afro-Asian Ocean region

"The heady days of East-West detente are gone. The Wall Street Journal and the AFL-CIO representing the American labour movement - are unanimous in their verdict that "detente is dead". There is thus a growing feeling that detente has never been an …

Swapo and 'Unscientific socialism'

This Brief Report examines SWAPO’s constitutional proposals, which will form the basis of its political campaign for the independence elections in Namibia. If SWAPO wins the elections, this will become the constitution and economic policy of the new…

Zimbabwe: the one party state issue

“It is pertinent to pose the question: why do most African states adopt a one party state system, as opposed to a multi-party system, at, or soon after independence? This paper attempts to address this issue with particular reference to the Zimbabwe…

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