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South Africans Generally Tolerant but Report Racial Discrimination by Employers and Courts

"2016 is a landmark year in South Africa’s nation-building process. April 15 marked the 20th anniversary of the first hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), which sought “to provide for the investigation and the establishment of …

Evaluating Botswana's Performance on National Vision 2016 Public Opinion on Development Pillars

"In monitoring progress toward Vision 2016’s four long-term goals (sustained development, rapid economic growth, economic independence, and social justice) and seven development “pillars,” the Vision 2016 Council has generally relied on a variety of…

Togolese express Tolerance toward (most) Minorities and Support for Gender Equality

The government of Togo has taken recent steps to protect the rights of women and minorities. One is a new penal code, adopted in November 2015 after years of advocacy by human-rights organizations, that strengthens protections against gender-based v…

Ghanaians are United and Hospitable but Intolerant towards Same-sex Relationships

Tolerance is a pre-condition for stability in a society with a variety of cultural and religious traditions. In Ghana, a secular and heterogeneous society, peaceful coexistence of different ethnicities and religions is strengthened by policies that …

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