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Towards an Instrument for the Portability of Social Security Benefits in the Southern African Development Community

The right to social security is a fundamental human right guaranteed to all persons. However, non-citizens are not always granted access to social security because of discriminatory provisions in national social security laws and the ‘nationality or…

Portability and Access of Social Security Benefits for Mine Workers in Southern Africa

"Ex-miners still face a lot of challenges when trying to access their benefits. A large number of these problems are brought about by failure to have adequate documentation and lack of knowledge on how to access those benefits. Logistical issues, su…

Portability of Social Security Benefits in Mining Sector: Challenges Experienced by Former Mineworkers in Accessing Social Security Benefits in Selected Southern African Countries

South Africa has always attracted and continues to attract a vast majority of migrants from different countries and throughout the SADC region. Historically, the largest number of labour migrants has been concentrated in the mining industry. A large…

Public Dialogue; Cross Border Migration and the Portability of Social Security Benefits

The purpose of the dialogue was to discuss the critical issues from the increased movement of people in the region in general and South Africa in particular and how these affect their entitlement and access to social protection.

Crossing the Threshold of Regionalism Can We Meet the Social Cost of Integration in Southern Africa?

Access to long-term social security such as pension and health care benefits are of particular concern to migrant workers. They generally lose any benefits that may have been accrued in a host country if they move back to their country of origin aft…

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