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Do Public Transfers Discourage Farmer Participation in Subsistence Crop Production? Empirical evidence from Botswana

"This paper analyzes the impact of public food and cash transfers on farmer participation in Botswana’s subsistence arable agriculture. The results indicate that publicly provided social pensions and food packages (rations) reduce the probability of…

Trust, Time and Participatory Research in Regional Social Policymaking: The African Union and Southern African Development Community

This paper reports two empirical studies undertaken in 2012 and 2014 both of which examine the extent to which International Organisations have argued for and helped to develop regional social policies in regional associations of government in Afr…

Challenges Faced by Adolescent Girls in Urban Areas of Uganda and the Case for Targeted Social Protection Programmes

Adolescent girls in urban areas of Uganda suffer unique challenges that affect their safe transition to adulthood. These challenges include; early school dropout, domestic and sexual violence, child labour and exploitation, limited access to sexual …

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