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Digital Dictatorship versus Digital Democracy in Africa

Less than a decade ago the Arab Spring was hailed as a game changer for global politics. Enhanced political debate via social media, a wider diversity of opinions and closer access to governments were meant to enhance social consensus and improve …

Promise and Peril: In Changing Media Landscape, Africans are Concerned about Social Media but Opposed to Restricting Access

Africa’s media landscape is changing rapidly. Regular reliance on digital sources for news has nearly doubled in just five years, with more than one-third of respondents across 18 countries surveyed reporting that they turn to the Internet or social…

Double-edged Sword? Ghanaians see Pros, Cons of Social Media, want Access but not Fake news

Like many other countries, Ghana has been grappling with its share of fake news about COVID-19. On the one hand, rumors that the “foreign disease” targets only whites and the affluent heighten nonchalant attitudes toward fighting the disease. On the…

Niger's Fake News Ecosystem: An Overview

Niger’s first private media entities emerged in the 1990s following the fall of the single party and military era. However, the birth of private media did not lead to a free and independent media. A bipolar media system quickly took shape, with publ…

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