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On the way to a new South Africa

This document briefly outlines aspects of German foreign policy in post-cold war Europe, as well as German relations with post-Apartheid South Africa. The first priority of German foreign policy had been peace in Europe and German reunification and …

Anticipating the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Inequality in South Africa: Early Evidence on Direct and Indirect Influences

We examine the impact of COVID-19 on health and health inequality through both direct and indirect channels, including reviews of previous findings and of new quantitative analyses. This paper documents the early evidence that was available at the e…

Assessment of Country Progress in CSO Enabling Environment in Tanzania

The current report is an assessment of the progress made by Tanzania in implementing the Busan Commitments on creating enabling environment for Civil Society Organisations. Specifically, the assessment analyses the extent to which the rights and f…

Equitable Access to Land for Social Justice in South Africa

This report analyses the trajectory of land reform in South Africa and its implications for equitable access to land. The report combines insights from empirical research and inclusive dialogues to analyse the extent to which land reform laws and po…

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