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Social Cohesion and Inequality in South Africa

In this paper, we examine recent trends in social cohesion and inequality, and the relationship between the two in South Africa, using data from the South African Reconciliation Barometer (SARB) surveys. Given the country’s history of long-term raci…

Beyond the "Proper Job:" Political-economic Analysis after the Century of Labouring Man

This programmatic article proposes an approach to global political-economic inquiry in the wake of the failure of long-established transition narratives, notably the narrative centred on a universal trajectory from farm-based and “traditional” livel…

The Future of Eastern African Cities: How Do We Want to Live in 2050?

Urbanization is inevitable and irreversible. Globally, around 3 billion new urban dwellers are expected to arrive in cities and towns by 2050. In contrast, it took the entire history of humanity to reach the 3.5 billion urban dwellers that live in…

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion Through Transitional Justice

Transitional justice is generally promoted on the basis that it ensures that the diverse sectors of society affected by conflict are included in the process of rebuilding societies after conflict and authoritarian rule. Inclusion, diversity, victim-…

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