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In Search of South Africa's 'Second Economy': Chronic Poverty, Economic Marginalisation and Adverse Incorporation in Mt Frere and Khayelitsha

"Since 2003 South African policy discourse about persistent poverty has been dominated by the notion that poor people stay poor because they are trapped in a 'second economy' disconnected from the mainstream 'First-World Economy'. This paper conside…

Forgotten by the Highway: Globalisation, Adverse Incorporation and Chronic Poverty in a Commercial Farming District

An analysis of the livelihoods of the off-farm poor in Ceres has highlighted several key issues and redressed some important imbalances. In the first place, it has shown up the importance of going beyond narrow money-metric approaches and rather …

Chronic and Structural Poverty in South Africa: Challenges for Action and Research

"Ten years after liberation, the persistence of poverty is one of the most important and urgent problems facing South Africa. This paper reflects on some of the findings based on research undertaken as part of the participation of the Programme for …

Leave no One Behind: A Cross-Country Synthesis

The concept to leave no one behind (LNOB) is at the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Paragraph 4 of the World Leaders’ Declaration adopted in September 2015 states: As we embark on this great collective journey, we pledge that n…

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