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Accelerated Development in Southern Africa

"The articles in this volume are based on papers presented at a Conference held at Jan Smuts House, Johannesburg, from 21 March to 25 March 1972. After the introductory chapter, Part One deals with certain basic dimensions of development in eight c…

Poverty Environment and Livelihood along the Gradients of the Usambaras in Tanzania

"This study will provide some insights that will contribute towards bringing about a balance on the views of the relationships between poverty and the environment. But beyond this the juxtaposition of mountains and plains like that found in the Usam…

Artificial Intelligence and Political Science

The future of representative democracy is uncertain. The gradual consolidation of its institutions, procedures, cultural and ideological references, was directly congruent with the evolution of the industrial age economic and social compound. But th…

We Need to Do Better, and We Can: One Group Surrendering is Hardly a Return to Peace and Prosperity

"There is no bigger challenge facing humanity than how to build lasting peace in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Despite the military defeat of the rebel M23 by forces led by the Congolese army and the United Nations Intervention Bri…

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