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Achieving an Inclusive Blue Economy for Small-Scale Fishers: Recommendations to the South African Parliament

"Small-scale fisheries in South Africa play a crucial role in supporting livelihoods and contributing to food security in the country’s coastal provinces. Policy changes in recent years have sought to establish a more inclusive and equitable go...

Development, Sustainability and Social Justice: The Elusive Balancing Act of African Fisheries Governance

"The discourse on African fisheries governance is dominated by themes of unrealised potential and crisis. Undoubtedly, the threats are significant: illegal fishing and overfishing by foreign industrial vessels, as well as intense fishing pressure ...

Backing Small-scale Fishers: Opportunities and Challenges in Transforming the Fish Sector

"Globally, small-scale fisheries play a significant role in food security, poverty reduction and income generation. At the 2008 Global Conference on Small-Scale Fishing in Bangkok, Thailand, organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FA...

The Case for Supporting Small-Scale Fisheries Governance Through ICT

Small-scale fisheries (SSFs) are an indispensable component of the fisheries sector, especially in developing nations. These fisheries face a variety of challenges, however, which have serious environmental, social and economic effects. This is of...

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