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Food Production in Zambia: The Impact of Selected Structural Adjustment Policies

"The paper examines the impact of selected structural adjustment policies on food production in Zambia. Using a four-year panel of post-harvest data, a system of six crops, two variable inputs and three fixed inputs is estimated. The resulting sup…

Stand Up, Take Action to Free the Hungry Billion

One in every six people in the world, live with constant hunger – not as a result of war or natural disaster, but just because of the way our societies and our global food system is structured. Africa is the region of the world with the highest lev…

The Social and Cultural Aspects of Small-scale Agricultural Production in South Africa and the Implications for Employment-intensive Land Reform

There is widespread agreement that Government interventions to support smallholders have often been poorly constructed and have failed to produce positive impacts. There are many reasons for this assessment, including that government “… strategies t…

A Review of Support Services for Smallholder and Small-scale Agricultural Producers

This thematic paper forms part of a series which explore specific commodities, crosscutting themes and related municipal case studies. The papers provide background research for the development of policy proposals to promote an approach to land refo…

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