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Children's Involvement in Small Business : Does it Build Youth Entrepreneurship?

"This brief summarises the findings of a study, conducted in Tanzania in 2006, that examined how children's work in small businesses impacts the development of their entrepreneurship. The study revealed that the participation of children in small bu…

Accompagnement des Entrepreneurs et Performance Post Création des Petites Entreprises Camerounaises et Sénégalaises / Support for Entrepreneurs and Post Creation Performance of Cameroon and Senegalese Small Businesses

The research report is divided into two parts: the first part is an exploratory study of market support for small businesses in Cameroon and Senegal. The qualitative approach is mobilized and carry viewpoints of leaders and project leaders on provid…

COVID-19: Are We Asking the Right Questions about ... Small Businesses and their Struggle for Survival?

Ann Bernstein said that the challenges small businesses face during this crisis are complex and vital to overcome for South Africa’s future. SA does not really know how many SMMEs there are in the country, nor is there agreement about how we should …

COVID-19: The Impact on Small Businesses and Gaps in Current Solutions: The Case for Better Solutions to Support Entrepreneurs in Townships

There are over five million micro and small businesses in South Africa, many of which are located in the informal sector. Covid-19 has already had a devastating impact on small business and while both the public and private sectors have implemented …

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