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Attitudes to Firearms and Crime in Nairobi: Results of a City Survey

"Kenya is at the crossroads of conflict in East Africa and the Horn. Small arms trafficking and proliferation in the region threatens security, stability, and sustainable development.Based on the premise that guns flourish where insecurity prevails,…

Small Arms Proliferation and Control in Southern Africa

"This study examines the proliferation of small arms in Southern Africa in the light of the peace processes which have brought an end to the armed conflict in the region. The control of these weapons which have been distributed far and wide, both l…

Weapons control measures in Southern African states

This international policy update reviews the prospects for implementing effective control measures of small arms proliferation by South Africa’s neighbouring states. The formulation and execution of South Africa’s small arms control policies must …

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in the Horn of Africa

An integrated approach against regional and national challenges in peace and security is a growing practice in the Horn of Africa. Other challenges aside, the Horn is most volatile in the proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). This …

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