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States Negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty A Toolkit for African States

"The toolkit exclusively focuses on the three core components of a future ATT, namely scope, criteria and implementation. Considerable detail is provided on each of these content areas in relatively straightforward terms in order for the toolkit to …

Exploring Small Arms Demand A Youth Perspective

"The purpose of this paper is to begin exploring the complex relationships between arms proliferation, youth and security in the African context. While all three elements in the relationship stand alone as research, policy and advocacy issues, all …

Weapons Flows in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland

"The purpose of the current monograph is to detail the existence of weapons within three individual countries in Southern Africa and to give an indication of steps that have been taken by governments, and in some cases civil society, to prevent the…

Policy Brief : Counter-Terrorism and the National Security of African States: Points of Convergence and Departure

"Africa’s recognition of the threat of terrorism to the continent has culminated in the galvanisation of national, regional and international efforts towards counter-terrorism on the continent. The renewed efforts have culminated in the (1) designin…

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