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From Inventors to Innovators: An Investigation into Individual Inventors in Tanzania

"Although technological innovation has lately been accepted as a key aspect in socio and economic development and therefore poverty reduction, poor countries such as Tanzania have largely been left out of the process. One major reason for this has b…

A Framework for the Strategic Analysis and Management of the Brain Drain of African Health Care Professionals: An Innovative Systems Approach

The global mobility of skilled workers has increased in recent years due to the expansion of the knowledge economy, the progressive globalisation of markets and companies, the growing demand for scarce skills, and wider political and economic issues…

Bringing Together High Level Thinkers and Leaders for Policy Dialogue on South Africa's Future

"The Minister’s presentation was on the new government’s vision and agenda for transforming post-schooling education in South Africa. Minister Nzimande identified a number of key challenges for the education sector in South Africa namely, Building …

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