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Migrant labour, brain drain and brain gain in SA

"Alarmist reactions which approach xenophobia do little to solve South Africa's immigration problem, or to flesh out the differences between legal and illegal immigration. Indeed, South Africa's commitment to the liberalisation of capital, trade a…

Ten Million and Rising: What it would Take to Address South Africa's Jobs Bloodbath

South Africa’s unemployment crisis is the consequence of decades of inadequate growth coupled with some of the effects of globalisation, technological change and bad policy choices. There are limits to the pace at which this can be rolled back, so r…

On the Move: Mobility and Governance in Southern Africa

Southern Africa’s unique migration patterns require collaboration among Southern African countries and improved policies at national and regional level that align with continental aspirations. As South Africa is the main regional migration hub, its …

Politiques Publiques et File D’attente sur le Marché du Travail au Sénégal / Public Policies and Waiting in the Senegalese Labour Market

The implementation of the Plan Sénégal Emergent (PSE) has resulted in a relatively small increase in employment among women and skilled workers, leading to a longer duration in the job queue for the latter. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has furth…

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