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The 2nd Meeting of the China Africa Think Tanks Forum, October 12-13, 2012, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

This report covers the second meeting of the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum and includes background information on the founders as well as the host organization. A summary of the papers presented at the 4 breakaway sessions are included. Breakaway s…

Fin de la récréation de Washington face à Pékin: Le retour des Etats-Unis en Afrique / Spelling the end of Washington's leniency with Beijing: The United States' Return to Africa

The African arena is but an episode in the China-USA soap opera. Nevertheless, given the continent's significance in terms of opportunities for major powers, it is also a space where their rivalry comes to the fore. This is the lens through which th…

The Impact of Chinese Tech Provision on Civil Liberties in Africa

The increasing support provided by China to African states to expand their information infrastructure and the rise of Safe City (Huawei) and Smart City (ZTE) projects across Africa have raised concerns about a possible tightening of civil liberties …

Japan and China's Summit Competition in Africa

Japan and China play a dual role in Africa. Firstly, they both have direct relationships with Africa, as two of the continent’s most important development partners. Two massive, recurring summits provide the main platform for the staging of these re…

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