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The Impact of HIV on the Sexual Health of Kenya's Young Generation

"Kenyans aged 15-24 have been identified as particularly vulnerable to HIV, sexually transmitted infections and related health issues. Over the past two decades, Kenya’s Ministry of Health has recognized that reproductive health among youth requires…

Reproductive Health Issues and Women in Ghana: Has Global Attention Made a Difference

"Women in developing countries face persistent problems in achieving this type of holistic reproductive health pushing it to become a key focus of many international efforts, most notably in the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). …

Migration and Domestic Work in South Africa: Worlds of Work, Health and Mobility in Johannesburg

"South Africa is in the middle of a well-documented HIV/AIDS epidemic. Infection rates were calculated to be 22% of the adult population in 2003. A number of different reasons have been advanced to explain the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Th…

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