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Dimensions Structurelles de la Libéralisation pour l’Agriculture et le Développent Rural Programme Rural Struc - Phase I / Structural Dimensions of Liberalization for Agriculture and Rural Development Programme - Phase I

"The main finding of our study is that despite the development of highly effective strategies, tailored to the unfavorable climatic conditions, scarcity of land and difficult access to markets, farmers and the agricultural economy are at an impasse.…

Outils Juridiques pour l'Emancipation des Citoyens Concertation Paysanne pour l'Influence de la Loi d'Orientation Agro Sylvo Pastorale au Senegal /Legal Instruments for the Emancipation of Peasant Citizens Dialogue Regarding the Influence of Agro Sylvo Pa

The experiment proposed in this case concerns the influence of farmers' organizations in the process of developing the Agro-Sylvo Pastoral Guidance Law (LOASP) in Senegal between 2002 and 2004. In addition to documenting this process, it is importa…

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