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Post-Referendum Security Scenarios for South Sudan

"The 9th of January 2011 will be a momentous day for all southern Sudanese people. After 22 years of civil conflict between north and south Sudan the country will hold a referendum on the right of south Sudan to secede and form an independent state.…

Securing the Nation: Responding to the Changing Terror Tactics After DusitD2 Attack

On January 15, 2019, Somalia-based Islamic terror group al Shabab attacked DusitD2, a business complex in Nairobi that also houses a hotel, killing 21 people, and injuring many more. The DusitD2 shares a compound with offices of international compan…

Community Engagement in Fighting Transnational Organised Crime in the Liptako-Gourma

Although transnational organised crime (ToC) has, for decades, been going on in the three-border region spanning Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger (known as the LiptakoGourma), analyses show that socio-economic vulnerabilities and state criminalisation …

Mitigating Threats to Human Security: An Examination of Small Arms Stockpile Management in West Africa

Security threats emanating from poorly managed stockpiles in the ECOWAS region call for a critical examination of existing initiatives addressing stockpiles. Thus a holistic look at the laws, human resources and context of stockpile control is essen…

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