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Traditional and Non Traditional threats in a Changing Global Order: An Indian Perspective

"This paper reflects on the changing dimensions of security from an Indian perspective. It is argued that while the traditional security concerns persist, non-traditional security challenges have attained greater salience in recent years.

Complex Emergencies: Security Challenges in the 21st Century – Implications for UN, and International Peace Operations - Abstract

"The 2007 annual SANWC Seminar on peace support operations contributed to improving the knowledge of the Learners on the JSCSP course about global and regional peacekeeping issues, trends, challenges, by providing them with insights into complex mod…

Défis Sécuritaires Dans la Zone Sahelosahélienne: Le Challenge de la Mise en Adéquation et de la Coordination Entre Réponses Internationale et Nationale / Security Challenges in the Sahelosahelian Zone

Sahelian countries are facing political changes that negatively affect the African continent as a whole. This paper, while addressing the issue of armies and their implications in conflict zones, particularly in Mali, a stumbling block in the region…

Guinée: Éclairage sur les Facteurs de Risques de Conflit / Guinea: Insights on Conflict Risk Factors

The purpose of this report is to provide analysis and recommendations for national, regional and continental decision-makers in the implementation of relevant peace and security instruments. This note aims to highlight the factors and actors of both…

Ghana's 2012 Elections: Lessons Learnt Towards Sustaining Peace and Democratic Stability

This policy paper discusses the security challenges that emerged before, during and in the immediate aftermath of the declaration of the election results. Based on the identified challenges in all three phases of the elections, it draws key lessons …

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