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The Nigerian Banking System in the Context of Policies of Financial Regulation and Deregulation

"This study aims at using simple descriptive indices to assess the impact of policies of financial regulation and deregulation on the financial system over time,and in particular on savings mobilization. In the second section of this paper we discus…

Financial System Regulation, Deregulation and Savings Mobilization in Nigeria

"This study aims to provide a detailed analysis of the behavioural patterns of savings in Nigeria during the eras of financial regulation and deregulation. The impact of the policies of regulation and deregulation on savings mobilization were analyz…

Links Between the Informal and Formal/Semi Formal Financial Sectors in Malawi

"The Study has two main objectives. The first is to investigate complimentary and competitive deposit and credit links between informal and formal/semi-informal financial sectors of the economy of Malawi. The study examines the behaviour of borrower…

Market Structure, Liberalization and Performance in the Malawian Banking Industry

"Financial sector reforms led to the removal of credit ceilings and interest rate controls and opened the banking system to new competition. This study examines the effect of financial sector reforms on market structure, financial intermediation, sa…

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