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Al Qaeda vs. Daech in the Sahel : What to Expect?

The terrorist landscape in the Sahel is characterized by multiple players that destabilize the countries in the region. Despite the fact that each terrorist group has particular areas of action and zones of influence, nevertheless two main ideologic…

Rethinking Border Management Strategies in West Africa : Experience from the Sahel

"This Policy Brief discusses border management challenges in light of the Mali and Sahel crises.It argues for documentation of existing national strategies on border management and their alignment into an ECOWAS strategy. These strategies, when enfo…

Impacts Of Inventory Credit, Input Supply Shops, and Fertilizer Microdosing in the Drylands of Niger

"This study investigated the impacts of access to inventory credit, input supply shops, fertilizer microdosing demonstrations, and other factors on farmers’ use of inorganic fertilizer and other inputs in Niger and on crop yields. We found that acce…

Crisis In The Sahel – Possible Solutions and the Consequences of Inaction

"A report following the OASIS Conference (Organizing to Advance Solutions in the Sahel) hosted by the University of California, Berkeley and African Institute for Development Policy in Berkeley on September 21, 2012. The goal of this report is to st…

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