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Rural-Urban Migration and Poverty in Ethiopia

The focus in this policy brief is on rural-urban migration in Ethiopia. Research shows that poverty and lack of opportunity are drivers of young people’s rural-urban migration. Migration to the cities nonetheless, has not led to a flow of remitt...

More and Better Jobs: Flagship Project Final Report

Zambia’s employment challenge is about both a lack of jobs and a poor quality of jobs. Recent statistics from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) show that the (standard) unemployment rate, at 12.6% of the labour force in 2017 compared to 7.9% i...

Food Remittances: Migration and Food Security in Africa

Cash remittances have grown rapidly over the past two decades and are now at an all-time high. The World Bank estimates that international remittances reached USD436 billion in 2014, and predicts that they will increase to USD601 billion in 2016....

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