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Determinants of Rural Income in Tanzania : An Empirical Approach

"Despite many initiatives to reduce rural poverty in Tanzania in the last ten years, rural incomes have not improved significantly. Rural poverty remains a critical economic problem. To better inform rural policies and interventions, this study cond…

The Impact of Proximity to Urban Center on Crop Production Choice and Rural Income: Evidences from Villages in Wollo, Ethiopia

This article attempts to demonstrate how proximity to urban centers influences households' decision to allot their agricultural land to the production of either staple crops or high value cash crops. By applying fractional logit estimation technique…

Dynamics of Poverty and Well-being in Ethiopia: An Introduction to a Special Issue of the Ethiopian Journal of Economics

Understanding change is critical to policy formulation. Who benefits, who loses from change, and what causes change are core policy questions. Panel data are central to understanding change, and this special issue of the journal is devoted to five p…

The Determinants of Agricultural Productivity and Rural Household Income in Ethiopia

This paper aims at investigating the determinants of agricultural productivity and rural household income in Ethiopia. Three econometric models namely: Pooled ordinary least square (POLS), fixed effects (FE) and random effects (RE) model were used t…

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