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The Determinants of Agricultural Productivity and Rural Household Income in Ethiopia

This paper aims at investigating the determinants of agricultural productivity and rural household income in Ethiopia. Three econometric models namely: Pooled ordinary least square (POLS), fixed effects (FE) and random effects (RE) model were used t…

Empowerment and Agricultural Production Evidence from Rural Households in Niger

"Niger is a landlocked Sahelian country, two-thirds of which is in the Sahara desert, with only one-eighth of the land considered arable. Nevertheless, more than 90 percent of Niger’s labor force is employed in agriculture, which is predominantly su…

Minimum Wage Raises Contribute to Rural-Urban Inequality in Kenya

The results of this study indicate that minimum wage changes can have a significant effect of inequality. Applying a uniform minimum wage in urban and rural areas would not only be impractical due to the diversity of employment sectors in the two ar…

Economy-wide Impacts of Promising Maize and Wheat Technologies on Food Security and Welfare in Kenya

A recursive dynamic economy-wide model incorporating productivity changes due to the introduction of promising maize and wheat varieties evaluates foresights for future food security, well-being and economic performance in Kenya. Adoption of promi…

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