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Examining Livelihoods and Reconsidering Rural Development in the Former Homelands of South Africa

Persistent poverty and under-development in South Africa’s former homeland communal areas have been little changed by post-apartheid ‘rural development’ policy. Rural development policy has often been characterised by impulses towards topdown planni…

Reconsidering Rural Development: Using Livelihood Analysis to Examine Rural Development in the Former Homelands of South Africa

This report draws on livelihoods-based analysis, in order to examine rural development, and rural development policy, within South African’s former ‘homeland’ (or ‘bantustan’) communal areas. The report commences by describing the larger context o…

Return Migration Patterns and Characteristics in Rural Communities of Nigeria's Niger Delta Region: Implications for Rural Development Policy

This paper analyzed the return migrants post-return occupational choice behaviours in their communities compared with the traditional occupations that characterize their communities. State and non-state actors in Nigeria have a major role to play in…

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