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Challenges to Relocation and Compensation of Rural Communities Displaced by Development Projects in Zimbabwe

This research paper outlines the challenges rural communities experience when they have to cede state land they are entitled to occupy and use in order to pave way for development projects. Due to weaknesses in the land tenure systems and the lack…

Large-Scale Land Deals in Southern Africa: Voices of the People

"The dramatic growth in big land deals over the past decade is a phenomenon not specific to Southern Africa. It is part of what has been termed a ‘global land rush’ following food price spikes, financial crisis and fuel price volatility (and growin…

Participating in Research Surveys in Rural Communities: Challenges Women Face and Recommendations for Improvement

Women in rural communities have the responsibility of securing biomass used for cooking, water, agricultural activities that provides food and income for the family, caring for husband and children as well as household management. They wake up very …

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