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War and Peace in Sierra Leone : Diamonds, Corruption and the Lebanese Connection

"This report presents an overview and analysis of the situation in Sierra Leone with respect to the diamond industry since United Nations intervention in 2000. It evaluates efforts made by the Sierra Leone government to ensure greater transparency a…

Bringing peace to West Africa: Liberia and Sierra Leone

"This paper discusses the tortured peace processes in the West African states of Liberia and Sierra Leone, delineating lessons learnt from the complicated and prolonged diplomacy and external military interventions that characterised these efforts. …

Negotiating peace in Sierra Leone: Confronting the justice challenge

"How specific justice issues came to be included in and potentially excluded from the 1999 Lomé Peace Accord. In addition to closely studying the negotiations dynamics and influences that led to the final agreement, this case study examines how just…

Sierra Leone burns while the UN fiddles

The Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone shows signs of breaking into smaller factions however the possibility of long term peace remains elusive. Although the RUF leader remains in prison this is not deterring the RUF from initiating severa…

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