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Equitable Sharing of the Treasures of Oil and Gas In a Transparent and Environmentally Sustainable Manner

"The discussions centred on two important ideas: First, Parliament must actively engage in the legislative process and pass laws that are strong, detailed and responsive to the many risks that oil production creates. Second, Parliament must use its…

Local Government Councils' Performance and the Quality of Service Delivery in Uganda: Ntungamo District Council Scorecard 2008/09

"This report is a product of an ongoing assessment of the performance of local government councils in Uganda that commenced in 2009, focusing on the financial year 2008/09. The assessment was designed as part of an initiative to regularly monitor th…

Accelerating Growth and Maintaining Intergenerational Equity Using Oil Resources in Uganda

"This paper seeks to interrogate three major aspects of oil extraction and revenue management that relate to issues around intergenerational equity in the Ugandan context. The first aspect concerns the management of the process of extracting the oil…

Accountability Mechanisms in Ghana’s 2010 Proposed Oil Legislation

This article assesses each of the July 2010 Bills vis-à-vis its potential to contribute to accountable and effective management of Ghana’s oil heritage. It asserts that the creative,forward-thinking elements of the Revenue Management Bill found thei…

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