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National Healing and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe: Challenges and Opportunities

"The purpose of this paper is to critically examine issues concerning transitional justice in Zimbabwe after a decade of politically motivated intra-conflicts. The Zimbabwean case highlights the importance of critically examining the relevance of in…

Sequencing the Administration of Justice to Enable the Pursuit of Peace: Can the ICC Play a Role in Complementing Restorative Justice?

"This Policy Brief will argue that there are a number of provisions within the Rome Statute which enable the ICC to sequence its interventions in a way that complements efforts to promote peace. Specifically, the Brief will assess the deferral rol…

Promoting Restorative Justice in South Africa's Correctional Services

The themes in this report emanate from the presentations and discussions from the seminar and provide insight into the discourse on restorative justice, with particular focus on the complexities of implementing restorative justice in a post-senten…

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