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Africa Capacity Indicators 2013: Capacity Development for Natural Resource Management/ Rapport Sur Les Indicatuers de Capacités en Afrique 2013: Renforcement des Capacités Pour La Gestion des Ressources Naturelles

This year's Report, the third in a series, focuses on an issue of great importance to Africa: natural resource management. The Report is holistic, yet focused on what African countries need to do individually and collectively to achieve effective …

Changement Climatique, Degradation Environnementale Et Quete D'Utilisation Des Resources Naturelles: Miracle ou Mirage? / Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and the Quest for the usage of Natural Resources: Miracle or Mirage?

Climate change requires an understanding of how it works to build effective management policies, since contemporary climatic variability has led to disruptions in natural ecosystems and social disorder. It is therefore necessary to revisit certain k…

Les Gabonais Accusent L’exploitation Forestière et Minière D’exacerber le Conflit Homme-Faune / Gabonese Accuse Logging and Mining of Exacerbating Human-Wildlife Conflict

The cohabitation between man and wildlife has always been conflictual for reasons of space and access to natural resources. However, in recent years there has been a resurgence of tensions in the sharing of space between wildlife and humans. The Con…

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