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The Chinese Stance on the Darfur Conflict

China’s role in Sudan is one of the most closely watched and, in many circles, controversial relationships on the continent. This paper provides a Sudanese perspective and argues that, far from profiting from its close ties with Khartoum, the Chines…

The role of multinational corporations in South Africa

"An assessment of the Republic's economic relations with the West has to take cognizance of the major role played by Western MNC's in the South African economy. There are also various other reasons for focusing on MNC's. First, due to the scale of…

Rhodesia in mid-1967

This report covers the visit and survey by Lord Alport to Rhodesia during the 1960. This visit came as a surprise to the Rhodesian government as the Economic survey of Mr Wilson for 1966 was just laid before parliament. In this survey certain rec…

Equatorial Guinea

The following review of past and present developments in this small West African state is inspired by recent South African interest manifested in the area. This paper discusses the history and physical feautures of the country and continue to discus…

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