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Civil Society and Social Movements: Advocacy for Land and Resource Rights in Africa

"Civil society formations in Africa have historically played an important part in the establishment of organising people in the pursuit of common goals. The majority of Africa’s people reside in rural areas where they derive their livelihoods from l…

Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Land and Resource Rights in Africa

"Over the past 70 years, the world’s governments have adopted hundreds of multilateral environmental treaties for the protection of flora and fauna and reducing toxic industrial emissions, among other issues. These treaties are legally binding agre…

Nepad, Land and Resource Rights

"The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad) is an overarching programme for revitalising Africa’s fortunes. It has a visionary tone, yet the way that it proposes to overcome Africa’s underdevelopment uncritically adopts neo-liberal policy …

The Context of Land and Resource Rights Struggles in Africa

"Africa’s poor are heavily dependent on land and natural resources for livelihood, but some governments continue to resist transferring full resource management rights to them. This risks the loss or degradation of these resources, or their transfe…

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