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Financing Ethiopia’s Development: Confronting the Gap between Ambition and Means

Ethiopia set out – and in large measure achieved – a very ambitious program of economic and social development under its Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-I). The scale of public sector involvement was very large: for the five-year Plan period, it…

Environmental Taxation & Development: A scoping Study

Increasing environmental pressures across a range of dimensions is being faced by developing countries. Simultaneously, the capacity of these governments to effectively pursue policy goals is often constrained by a lack of resources, with tax revenu…

Macroeconomic Policy Development in Tanzania

During the period between 1961, when Tanzania attained independence, and the mid-1980s, the country followed socialist macroeconomic policies. The result of implementing socialist policies was to slow socio-economic growth, double-digit inflation, n…

Digital Taxation: Can it Contribute to More Just Resource Mobilisation in Post-pandemic Reconstruction?

The acceleration of global digital services and e-commerce has exposed the outdated nature of many tax regimes around the world. The forgone potential revenues for states, particularly in the context of post-pandemic economic reconstruction has furt…

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