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Africa Capacity Indicators 2013: Capacity Development for Natural Resource Management/ Rapport Sur Les Indicatuers de Capacités en Afrique 2013: Renforcement des Capacités Pour La Gestion des Ressources Naturelles

This year's Report, the third in a series, focuses on an issue of great importance to Africa: natural resource management. The Report is holistic, yet focused on what African countries need to do individually and collectively to achieve effective …

Africa Capacity Indicators 2012: Capacity Development for Agricultural Transformation and Food Security/ Rapport sur les Indicators de Capacités en Afrique 2012: Renforcement des Capacités Pour la Transformation Agricole et la Sécurité Alimentaire

A core message in the 2012 ACI Report is that improving the productivity and the economic returns of agriculture has immediate effects on poverty and hunger in at least three important ways: a) it increases the productivity and incomes of the majori…

Survey of the Capacity Needs of Africa's Regional Economic Communities and Strategies for Addressing them

The second Capacity Survey of the Regional Economic Communities in Africa aims to reassess the capacity needs of the eight RECs in African Union (AU) member states in line with their new strategic thrusts and prospective development imperatives. It …

Rapport sur les Capacités en Afrique RICA 2015 Les impératifs de capacités pour la mobilisation des ressources intérieures en Afrique

Le Rapport sur les Capacités en Afrique (RICA) 2015 envoie un message très clair : avec l’amenuisement de l’aide publique au développement en direction de l’Afrique, le continent devra compter davantage sur la mobilisation des ressources intérieures…

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