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Impact de l’expansion économique et commerciale de la Chine sur la croissance et l’emploi au Burkina Faso / Impact of China's economic and trade expansion on growth and employment in Burkina Faso

China's economic growth, and in particular that of its imports and exports, now plays a very important role in the global economy. In parallel with the increase in China’s investments in developing countries, China has also acquired an important pl…

Angola: Présidence Lourenço An I et après ? / Angola: One year into the Lourenço presidency. What's next?

After João Lourenço was elected president of Angola in August 2017, succeeding José Eduardo Dos Santos, who had led Angola for thirty-eight years, the country started to break away from the Dos Santos system and a very large number of members of the…

Relations between Morocco and Sub Saharan Africa: What is the Potential for Trade and Foreign Direct Investment? / Relations Entre le Maroc et l’Afrique Sub Saharienne : Quels Potentiels pour le Commerce et les Investissements Directs étrangers ?

Central banks of large advanced and many emerging market economies have recently gone through a period of extraordinary expansion of balance sheets and are all now possibly facing a transition to less abnormal times. However, the fact that one group…

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