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Implementing the ECOWAS Conflict Prevention Framework: Prospects and Challenges

"Several initiatives have been undertaken by ECOWAS to promote conflict prevention since it was founded in 1975, it is important to raise a number of questions with regard to the ECPF. First, how relevant is the ECPF in respect of conflict preventio…

Political Dynamics in the Horn of Africa: Nurturing the Emerging Peace Trends

National and regional stability in the Horn of Africa serve as vital components of the sustainable development objectives across the region. Faced with myriad challenges relating to weak governance and state institutions, porous and contested nati…

Towards Peaceful Waters: Resolving the Kenya-Somalia Maritime Conflict

The tragedy of commons is that parties acting in self-interest often seek to exploit a common resource in ways that is detrimental to the collective good and mutual interest of interested parties. In international relations, such self-interested act…

Incorporating Human Security in Regional Integration: The Case of CEMAC

The Paper looks at integration efforts in the Economic Monetary Community of Central African States (CEMAC) but seeks to push human security and development as primary efforts in this integration process. The paper concludes that there should be mor…

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