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Brazil as an Regional Power in Latin America or South America?

This briefing, part history of ideas, part history of international relations, provides historical background to Brazil’s emergence as a regional power. It argues that Brazil never considered itself an integral part of Latin America which, for Bra...

An Overview of Brazilian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century

Brazil’s role in international relations has altered somewhat in recent years. Under President Luiz ‘Lula’ da Silva, presidential diplomacy has dominated an active foreign policy aimed at expanding the country’s presence in global economic negotia...

Brazil as a Regional and Emerging Global Power

Since the year 2000, Brazilian foreign policy has expanded dramatically on the back of the country’s growing material wealth. Changes in the international system helped too. The global balance of power became more open to large developing states, ...

Brazil as an Emerging Power: The View from the United States

The United States has always seen Brazil as a significant regional powerhouse, but its perceived importance has risen in the last decade. Because of its economic strength, its hemispheric leadership and its growing geostrategic role through multil...

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